Unfortunately Havos Construction is no longer trading-Thank you to all our previous customers for your loyal support and fantastic feedback..


We love hearing from our customers after works are completed and sometimes they go as far as to write a review. We’re especially pleased with this one:

The Havos team have been an absolutely amazing find for us. We initially spoke to them to get a 2nd opinion on work suggested by a 3rd party damp surveyor. We had commissioned the surveyor to try and help us with our cliff-top exposed leaky granite house that over the years had developed more and more issues. So much so that despite a new roof, we were re-painting inside twice a year and still had major visible damp throughout the house all year round. Very depressing.
When Lee from Havos saw the house he explained why he thought we should take a different approach to the work. Although our damp was bad we needed to target some simple things that as it turned out would be a fraction of the cost. The surveyor approach didn’t solve the problem he explained. It just covered them up in a very expensive way. He could have easily set himself up with a big job for months. Instead he saved us a lot of money and massive amount of unnecessary work.
One year on I can honestly say using Havos was the best thing we have done for that house in years, which probably saved us £10,000’s. The issues with that home were a constant cause of stress in the family for years. Havos have gone on to help us with so many other aspects I don’t know what we would have done otherwise. We now know we have a builder we can completely trust, with an honest opinion and job well done.
Lee even came round and turn the heating on for us once, before we arrived back after time away – although I’m not sure this level of service is always guaranteed.
In a world plagued by fake & paid for reviews I want to confirm I have no personal or financial relationship with Havos other than the work they have done for us. I was given their number by Aspects who are our letting agent.
Can’t recommend these guys enough.
A Ballantyne